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About the Public Power Project 


The Public Power Project's objective is to help those individuals interested in learning how to "heal" or "repair" themselves by empowering their own cellular systems. Like stars in the universe we are made of cells and it takes a clean, non-toxic energetic system to keep the bodies cellular functioning vibrant. We are moving into a  exponentially advanced technological time, this is both wonderful and yet will be increasingly challenging for our bodies and ultimately our minds. Outside activity breathing clean oxygen under the sun stimulates detoxing so when when our habitats minimize these natural detoxing habits developed over hundreds of thousands of years and worse yet expose us to levels of dangerous toxins and energy fields that oxidize our cells we must "tune in" and  purposely take care of this aspect of our lives.

Unfortunately our personal  "IA" (Innate- Awareness's) is not advancing as quickly as our AI ( artificial intelligence)  in the general population as it needs to in order to have generally healthy populations it is a fact that sickness, mental disorders, and memory disorders are absolutely on the rise especially for our young bodies. It is the Public Power Projects mission to get the public the information they deserve to have if they wish, especially if they have been stricken with toxic environmental triggered illness. We can not save the world and we are not interested in unrealistically saving everyone, we are interested in helping the someones looking for it.

-Because toughing it out is not enough- one must become educated-

Through Mary Catherine's career and her personal toxin triggered illness it has come to her attention that so much imperative information is being held back, not taught, ignored about environmental illness and quite possibly for nefarious reasons or at the very least just because the wheels of institution advancement turn to slow to help certain groups of people. This information is important to understand but should not either surprise or scare you, it is the way of the world. Just as in all the time before we must understand all of our predators and simply out smart them. No different than our ancestors  understanding where snakes were, what kind they faced, how not to get bit and if they did get bit, how to get the toxins out! 

Understanding toxins and their effects on the  body is the most relevant and important topic of all time. Our recent ancestors and our physical beings have been exposed to more man/ chemistry made toxins and frequency's in the last two hundred years than ever before. We have also been "dumbed down" about organic toxins that surely many of our ancestors did understand. We have more variety's of disease and neuro-degenerative disease than ever, it is out of control how many brain disorders are in the childhood populations. We can't just deal with this with medication anymore we have to increase household awareness about the way the body works and how to empower it or

dis-empower it.


We must be the best we can be and the Public Power Project is here to educate you so that you may learn to set yourself free.


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Contamination Crisis Coaching

Overcoming Toxin Related Illness and all the aspects of devastation that come with it.

Medical, Legal and Spiritual Confusion Coaching

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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain


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