Fully-certified equestrian sport massage therapist since 2001, and a certified animal chiropractioner since 2005  Mary Catherine Kidd has been successfully involved in pain reduction, increased mobility and performance enhancement for sporting horses. Mary Catherine has also been fortunate enough to have provided therapy for dogs and the two experiences were critical to understanding  how to "think" to be able to overcome her own disabling and life threatening toxic illness that abruptly struck her in early 2010.  A world of knowledge about overcoming mind/ body challenges Mary Catherine has both professionally and personally coached individuals in need of being heard and motivated. What has been learned is that people are in need of improved pathways to choose from! After learning what she has about what people are physically and mentally going through and the lack of options for care Mary Catherine has felt compelled to offer help and has culminated her experiences and skills to create the Public Power Project in order to do so.  The Public Power Project's goal is to be a information platform in which individuals can learn various pathways and then choose their path.

 Mary Catherine wants the public to understand now more than ever before because of increasing environmental impacts the importance of integrating self survival/ adaptogen modality's and lifestyles to prevent and or overcome any mind, body or spirit challenge. This is especially critical for our children today because for them cancer, an immune system "crash"  isn't a "if?" scenario anymore it's "when?". But we can learn and teach how to hold it off and enhance our chances of growing very old before it begins to develop if it does, the same goes for dementia and Alzheimer's and that is super exciting!




"Being a strong species is being a strong species- not solely focused on cleaning up the mess of a weak species".