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Who is Dr. Jack Thrasher?

Dr. Jack Thrasher a  world renowned expert toxicologist and devoted humanitarian. 


Mary Catherine was fortunate enough to have him very involved in researching and understanding her toxic exposure and how it related to her instantaneous intense illness. Although much more was learned about Mary Catherine's illness past the mold/mycotoxin stage it was important to understand that stage because it is ferociously diabolical. If you have been exposed to black toxic molds you may have mycotoxins inside of your cells and if you do it is time to mega clean house!

Learning countless ways of thinking through Dr. Thrasher to understand, approach and survive Mary Catherine is eternally grateful to Jack, a genius, a hero among men. Dr Thrasher was one of the environmental specialist that taught Mary Catherine in person actually in her home many times and countless hours on the phone and through years of email conversations. When receiving coaching with Mary Catherine you will be receiving the wisdom and thought process learned from Dr. Thrasher and without a doubt this is what he was hoping, he was hoping people could get the verified information that indeed environment contaminants trigger very intense and often life threatening illnesses.  But as I noted above the "trigger" is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what must be understood to break free from dis-ease.

Google Dr. Jack Thrasher to learn more and click the more button at the top of the page to be able to read the published papers he provided to Mary Catherine himself before he unfortunately passed away in 2017.