Are you being negatively impacted or even believe you could be Ill from your environment?

Well, you could be - there is no other topic on earth in which we must rely on our innate and intuitive senses- "how we feel". Here is an example of how our senses are designed to protect us: Infected, toxic, disease causing microbes stink on purpose and our innate senses should tell you to plug your nose and to get away from what ever it is. Or deal with the toxins so that they are not at all detectable from the olfactory pathway in the front of your brain- basically so that you can not smell them. If you have smelled to much of something like a toxic mold or sewage gas the molecule that delivered that scent is now inside of your head and could be harming you. This is why chemical fragrances are so "tricky"- they are disguised as "good" scents for the body but delivered in dangerous chemical molecules that some expert medical neurosurgeons, doctors and scientist refer to as "Excitotoxins". Learning how to avoid, detox and excrete these molecules from your tissues is critical today.

We all know that the body can deal with a lot but many toxins and heavy metals seriously disrupt this pathway and ultimately the brain because they are not able to be broken down by cell enzymatic activity and utilized for healthy cell function. Countless chemical toxins collected over time can create major issues but as in mycotoxins from black molds case- they are incredibly tenacious and enter the inside of the cell, much like Lyme spiral bacteria's and this is very hard for the body processes to deal with. This creates major inflammation in the brain and thus inflammation in the GI tract.- when that happens destruction of your colon microbiome is what launches a myriad of diseases and "sick" conditions.

If you are not feeling quite right, ill or even just not your very best- there very well could be a offending internal or external environmental factor. We are meant to feel good- not bad, so feeling bad in anyway is your body trying to give you signs to do something.

If you feel ill or toxic trust yourself, you likely are.