Mary Catherine Kidd is not a medical professional if you need medical or veterinarian advise or care seek appropriate professionals.

Mary Catherine's life journey has been unique and amazing but also like many taken her to challenging places. However; always keeping her smiling face into the wind, walking the walk and learning ways to overcome, rise and thrive it has come natural for the curious public to learn from her and they have. Professionally Mary Catherine has been a certified equine sport massage therapist since 2001 and a certified CVCP ( Certified Veterinarian Chiropractioner) since 2005. CVCP simple means that Mary was trained and certified by a senior veterinarian who has developed a repeatable harmless technique to release muscle and connective tissues around the skeleton and the bone of animals with tool facilitated quantum energy, quickly decreasing tension pain and dysfunction. As a very experienced equestrian muscle therapist Mary's career has expanded her mind immensely and although she is not a veterinarian or a doctor of chiropractic she has produced what some people deem as miraculous results with the help of the extremely effective technology and techniques of the CVCP program. What Mary wants the public to know is that she is not a miracle worker, the body is- our bodies are miracle workers if they can function.  Mary's career with animals, the over 15,000 treatment sessions has educated her beyond anything she could have imagined. Because people love to learn about how to help their animals Mary has taught many lectures and workshops (many at veterinarian clinics) related to animal mind/ spine/muscle wellness and believes that was to prepare her for the next steps on her journey. 


To empower the human public with what she has learned from the animals and also what her own major health crisis taught her and that is "you can get through this" and "your gonna have to".  


In 2010 Mary Catherine, her daughter, cat and dog were contaminated with black molds, sewage bacteria's and the harmful gases that go with sewage contamination. The contamination crisis harmed the entire family, however, Mary Catherine was exposed to a concentrated mix of contaminants that quickly went from a flu like scenario to a full on immune system crash and subsequently a career halting disabling illness that turned into a surreal medical nightmare, a painful tenant/ landlord dispute and confusing journey that for many years brought much more suffering than the actual causal event. Not fully understanding indoor building illness and all the variables can lead to a heartbreaking amount of misguided anger, blame, and finger pointing. It is absolutely absurd and ridiculous how this issue of indoor building illness is being dealt with, or more like not dealt with, today and it needs to change. What Mary would give to be able to go back to 2009 with all the knowledge she has gained; but knowing that she can't, she will do what can be done and that is to share the information she so painfully culminated so that others don't have to suffer such ignorance.


Mary's so called "mysterious" illness crowned her with countless diagnosis and had her living in a very disabled state for some time that absolutely would have remained permanent had she not fought to get "herself" back. After six years of pure determination to escape the horrible state of illness she was in by researching, learning and doing - Mary Catherine attained the personal power to live outside the captured state of chronic illness and "diagnosis" and in many ways has achieved the unthinkableSickness or environmental illness crisis is like trying to get through a Siberian forest in winter and you can feel like your never going to get out of it. It is quite likely you won't, unless you have a plan of action. Having someone like Mary who has overcome disabling environmental triggered illness to teach you about aspects of the scientific, medical, legal, therapeutic, bio-physical, psychological and spiritual journey is critical so that you can make a solid plan to be able to come out on the other side strong and vibrant! 

"Ditch the diagnosis - Do something about it"


 It is the Public Power Projects intention through personal and class sessions to quickly and compassionately empower people with knowledge about the prevention of illness crisis, or how to manage illness crisis and how to be free from being physically and emotionally held hostage to ignorance and judgement in our public systems. "Use the system don't let it use you". 

Mary Catherine Kidd is not a medical professional if you need medical or veterinarian advise or care seek appropriate professionals.