Spiritual Clarity and Strength

Because spiritual strength is so important in the healing and personal empowerment process Mary Catherine teaches techniques to better understand our spiritual relevance that which connects us of all faith's, not what separates us. Spirituality should be simple and uniting and if it is not you may be doing something else or simply need some supplemental thoughts to go with your spiritual direction. Feeling damned by your maker or division from people of other faiths is dangerous, we must unite what we have in common and that we all want safety, love, peace and harmony for our family, friends and animals. We need progressive "public" power for individuals and the beings all around to truly heal, sustain and optimally thrive!  

No, not everyone will survive long joyful lives and many will suffer quite a bit, what are you going to do about the direction of your destiny?

Unequivocally we all have the same creator and that force used the same patterns, shapes, vibrations and frequency's to "animate" all life. Amazing! No, none of us have all the exact answers about the analytical aspects of life but what is getting lost in all of the analytical and judgment of that is the biological truths that are very much apart of our spirit world. The body and our experiences are sacred, it is as simple as that and if you do not feel good this is a sign that your biology needs your help!

Mary Catherine Kidd believes that is why our relationships with animals are so incredibly special, because we get to simply feel the sacredness of life - no words, just love, like touching God in person.