As once explained to

Mary Catherine by a environmental

M. D. but proven after over 9 years of research and experience.

Our bodies are like rain barrels and as we age or are exposed to various levels of toxins our 'system' or "rain barrel" overflows. 


When the proverbial " rain barrel" overflows many problems arise. Did you know you have detoxing genes?  And depending on ancestry environmental  factors your genes can either be functioning to sufficient levels or not. You can be tested to learn about your gene/ cell function status if you feel you need to.


Because some "toxins" are so seriously cellularly disruptive they weaken the bodies immune system and encourages sick microbes including parasites to develop and wreak havoc in the body.  

In many environmental illnesses the toxins flood the body and cause physical distress and pain. 

Most people suffer from slow silent build up of body burdening toxins and all the sudden one day feel old and ill and they not only feel it, they are....cellularly old and ill.

Eating to empower cell function, detoxing and parasite cleansing can help the body stay vibrant, strong and pain free.


why don't I

feel good?