The spine is the most important structure in the body to maintain at all times but especially when "ill".

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Every single system in the body functions and is managed by the spine nerves that exit each spinal bone segment. Just as lights that turn on via a dimmer switch so do your body parts via your spine and associated nerve roots. A myriad of causal factors are involved in "dimming" energetic nerve ( frequency) function either slowly over time as we age or rather quickly from a trauma, infection or toxic exposure.

Nerve signals are sent back and fourth along the nerve pathways and essentially this is the electrical current that brings mind/ body "life" or "light" to any body part. 

This "life" is the function of the systems in your body: The nervous ( nerve flow ) systems, vascular, immune system, the endocrine system, the metabolic system, the muscular skeletal systems.

Because the GI ( gastrointestinal) tract is incredibly electrically involved if the spinal nerves to this organ become overly stressed reduced functionality will occur and this creates biliary and digestive system "back up". 

We are an energy beings that function on water and electrical current that has much of a microbial make up. It's an amazing orchestrated synchronicity that has pulled together matter, frequency to spawn" life" through the spine and ultimately the muscles of both the skeletal system and the organ systems.

Proper hydration is paramount of all considerations to "self" help the spine maintain proper electrical signals and tissue integrity.

Beginning to understand the microbial make up of the electrical body and what either empowers the whole "shebang"  and what dis-empowers it, this really is the key to you own 

" Personal Power"!

  Chiropractic, muscle therapies of all sorts are critical options for the public to have access to. The children of the future deserve the opportunity to learn and understand that therapies are not luxuries they are logical approaches to self help the "energetic" body overcome any challenge or simply to ensure it is functioning at it's best.

Always remember that nothing must be done all at once or even immediately, opening your consciousness to a few simple fundamental facts about how we function you will automatically begin to forge your own path and you will know when to do what?

    "The way to have less dysfunctional and suffering adults in the future is to teach the children today."