Environmental Toxins are:

Environmental toxins are molecules and or  microbes that negatively impact the cellular function of a human, animal or plant. Here is a list of some environmental toxins that have been long known to cause immunological  dysfunction and this allow's various disease/ chronic illness to manifest.

TOXINS don't cause cancer- they arrest the IMMUNE ( body protector) system and this is what allows cancer to begin to develop. It is laughable to think a " pill" will ever "cure" cancer because it is a natural logical process that nature has devised to weed out the weak. The only thing that can truly help people is understanding this, that one MUST regain cellular clarity and proper function. 

Tick bite toxins and microbes-intracellular spiral bacteria's are extremely dangerous.

Black/ toxic molds- Produces mycotoxins  ( Trichothecenes-Aflatoxins--Ochratoxins) that go intracellular and are extremely diabolical and dangerous.

Sewage bacteria's- Often involved in mold areas and create co- contamination- VERY DANGEROUS. Most of the dangerous contagious diseases of ALL time have been spread through feces unable to be scene by the naked eye. Imagine- a person is exposed to mycotoxins and dangerous sewage bacteria's- this person is going to be very sick.

Heavy metals- Collect in the body and reduce electrical function and cell function-reducing Immune function.


Chemical toxins from petroleum products, chlorine, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, food additives including many cooking oils, coloring dyes of all sorts, tap water etc...